Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Work Hard, Play Hard

If there is any phrase that I am living as my mantra, I think it would be "Work Hard, Play Hard", for now at least. Some who have known me long enough should have understood this philosophy of mine because I can go and play until midnight but I would also work my ass off to finish my project and make sure it is done well not halfheartedly.

Just last weekend, I went to my company outing in a very beautiful place in Sukabumi. The place is called Kampoeng Padi and truthfully, it was quite a pain to go there. The road is small and winding and I was a bit dizzy during the drive. 

We gathered early in the morning and left at 05.30 AM to arrive about 5 hours later which I expected. We arrived in the rafting site and had a little break. Then when my colleagues go rafting, I just sat there and read my book and enjoyed life. I am scared of water and the depth so I chose not to go rafting.

Then when they had finished rafting, we had our lunch there which was very delicious. The chili is so good, mainly because they are not spicy ((I can't stand spiciness)). We then went to the villa which took us another hour and arrived there safe and sound.

My first impression, it's soooo BEAUTIFUL! And it is sooo Indonesian. Everything is so green and gorgeous. There are lots of natural element in this place with the touch of woods, brick, stone, everything blends so well. 

We had another break before we were assigned to our room. Luckily the girls got to stay in the private villa which is spread around the Kampoeng Padi area. For the boys, they had to walk a little to the upper side to another villa called Kampoeng Singkong. There are only a couple of rooms there with dozen of beds inside each room.

As for me and the other ladies, we got to enjoy our own villa with 3 to 5 people in each place. Each of the villa has different concept and number of people to stay. But what I can say that each of them are very beautiful. Also, there is no aircon there because the weather itself is pretty chill already and it gets colder at night.

After a bit of rest, we went back to the dining area, had an introduction and ice breaking game and then proceed to a little speech from our boss. We also got to celebrate the company's first anniversary ((which honestly moved my heart, awww)). Then we had our dinner with tumpeng, meatball soup, barbeque and cake. 

Oh, we were supposed to have a volley tournament that evening when we have arrived, too bad the weather is not very good so it has to be cancelled. Right after dinner, we went to Kampoeng Singkong and had another tournament. We played cards ((capsa)) and table tennis there. I went for capsa and lost lol. I watched the table tennis tournament and it was fun! There were laughter, cheers and a lot of tense for the players haha. In the end my group won the third place. Ulala.

As the tournament finished, me and some colleagues went on to play Exploding Kitten. It is a game played with cards and it was really fun! We played three times and in the last round I won dramatically, with no cards in hand and 2 bombs out of 3 remaining cards in the deck. So it was a good win hehe.

We went back to the villa and the road was really -literally- dark. But even with that amount of darkness, I can not see any stars huhu. I gossiped a little bit with my roommate then we had a good good sleep in a big comfy mattress.

Waking up the next morning is a bliss. The bed is too comfortable, I did not really want to wake up haha. By the time I finished showering and went to the dining area, it is almost 10 AM already so it is basically brunch and not breakfast anymore. We did a couple of bread experiment with jam and toaster and even chicken and we uselessly became full lol.

Oh, there is this fusbol game in the dining area which I instantly love to play with my colleagues. It's fun and crazy with lots of OOHs and AAHs and HOORAYs. We ended up requesting the game in the office.

After brunch, I explored the villa a bit with the others and take turns to take pictures. Every spot is beautiful and so serene. They also had this small swimming pool in front of the dining area. Since we had no time to play with the water we just dip our feet and surprisingly the water is cool even though the sun is right above us. The sun is blazing but the weather is not that hot since the wind is pretty cool and breezy.

About noon, a cincau cart appeared and I was so soooo happy. The day before I mentioned to my friend that I to drink something cold and sweet and then it was there! Yay. Also, I really loved cincau ijo. So good, so refreshing. Aaaa, what a good life really.

Then the lunch is served and I was still a bit full by that time. But man, can't resist food that good haha. So I ate anyway. And have I mentioned the food there is so good? and so generous? My oh my.

After lunch, sadly we had to leave huhu. We took some pictures and bid goodbye to this sweet escape. The drive back to Jakarta was not a smooth one. When we reached around Bogor, the bus  that I sat in broke down! Luckily we took two buses so we can move to another bus but we had to wait for like another 20 minutes to move there.

Some of us even had to stand up or sat closely so we could fit three people into two seat. But it's better than having to wait for another bus because we were in the middle of a highway. In total, it took almost seven hours to go back since there were traffic.

Oh well, this story ended up super long and super descriptive. But at least I did not postpone this until like weeks or months later to be written haha. If I postponed it too long, I usually ended up being lazy and not writing it which is quite a bum. But then, I am super lazy with photo editing so I just edited these photos with my VSCO and copy-paste the edits, lol.

Anyway, the joint blog that I made with my friends is still on the revamping process and we are both so busy, that's why I did not know if it is going to go live anytime soon or not. Let's hope that we can clear our schedule a bit and work on it. Also, one more thing, I start thinking that this blog is so messy so I will find some time to clean it up haha.

Okay, nuff ranting.
Time to sleep.
Nighty night!

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