Friday, February 07, 2014

SPSH 2014: Outgoing Mail

Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt was a unique package swap project. While I got my package from a Singaporean pal. I sent out my package to a girl who happens to live in the same country with me, Indonesia.

The moment I signed up for SPSH, I had had a vision to bring out the beauty of Indonesia through its Batik, so I picked batik wrapping papers and add a touch of elegance with the gold ribbon. 

I assembled things that represent me and put them inside a box covered with batik. They represent my hobbies, to doodle, to craft and to fangirl, also the dog doll because my Chinese zodiac is a dog.

Here is something traditional, there is a flower patterned tin can. And also five sugar sticks with traditional illustration. love!

Something to read! And also because she likes purple.

A mail art kit. Inside, I put 5 postcards, lots of used stamps, lots of handmade stickers (that I doodle with purple color), ribbon and also writing papers. Bonus is a brochure about new issued Indonesian stamps.

My favorite kit to assemble, Happy Day Kit! I divided them into two parts. This one is a kit for boring days. There are sticker paper, origami paper, crepe paper, coloring little statue and two tattoos.

And the second part is for bad days. Stuffed inside are some candies, snacks, chocolates and tea. Because really, sweet things always make my day much better.

The last is an extra gift for her. There are three pairs of socks and two bears keychain (now you can touch a bear! hehe) I don't know if these will suit her preference or not, but hopefully they do.

Woop, they are all wrapped and fit perfectly into a shoe box, ready to be sent.

I had lots of fun gathering and wrapping things for the Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt though honestly I am a bit late! Ha! I am satisfied with what I have sent and also what I have received. I think this project is really awesome, It unleashes the creativity inside me and the best parts are to know my package has safely arrived and I have also gotten a wonderful package!

I am looking forward to next year's SPSH, hopefully I can still be able to take part on it. Thanks fab!

SPSH 2014: Incoming Mail

Last January or so, I took part in the Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt hosted by Fab (wreckthisgirl) here. It was an amazing experience to send a package to completely new friend and receiving a surprising one from another person.

My package came around the end of January, and it definitely made my day, even my week! I couldn't resist not to re-read the letter or re-open the package, thanks to my awesome partner, Ryzal.

The package come in a regular white mailing plastic bag and stuffed inside is one beautiful red round-box and a letter. The moment I opened it for the first time, the red box sure won my heart. Unfortunately the bottom part is a bit bended.

Let's set aside the letter and first talk about the box. While each object was usually wrapped, Ryzal put everything inside the box which I do not mind at all. Instead, I think it was really fun to have them altogether in a box. I swear that the inside of the box literally scream out my instagram (or twitter) profile, "A doodler. A snailmailer. SHINee and EXO avid fangirl. A craft enthusiast. A sucker for beautiful socks, colorful balloons and flowers."

On top of the box is this beautifully crafted flower lid specially made by Ryzal because I did say I like flowers right? While real flowers were obviously not the best choice, this surely made a great substitution, not to mention how pretty the color is.

And I also mentioned balloon in my profile. His creativity is really unbeatable, he sent me a DIY balloon bracelet and another bracelet as something to be used / wore.

A Happy Day Kit! He got me a sweet lolli to sweeten the bad days and the Ring for LOVE keychain is too cute. It is a bell and it comes in red color, oh what a nice combo.

A pair of socks!!! Because I am a sucker for it! And it comes in rainbow color. Win win win!

This has to be the cutest nail file I have ever seen! There are two of them, back to back, and the cupcake shape makes me grin so much.

Mini envelopes that are just too cute to resist, seriously. They are all so pretty and really are my style. Now I start wondering if my secret penpal can read my mind? Hahaha!

SCREAMMSSS!!! Yes, I love EXO, yes I love stationery, yes these are just perfect! Two of the buttons fell of the peg but with some glue they are all alright now. 

Last but not least, inside the envelope is seven handwritten pages of letter secured with a . . . fire hose! I found out that he is studying as a firefighter and the part of the fire hose is something to represent him. (P.s. I hope you don't get scold for cutting part of the fire hose? hahaha). I might sound exaggerating but man, the letter is very sweet and wonderful and detailed.

I am so delighted with every single thing that Ryzal has carefully made and chose for me, he is such a great scavenger! Everything that he sent me really suit my preference and you might now understand how these stuffs have brighten my days. Also, I am so surprised that a boy actually had an interest in swapping mails and packages, it really widen my perspective. Once again, a bunch of thanks pal! Hope to catch up with you soon, please wait for my return letter.

Hello Again

I have been away for past months which I thought would just be few weeks. I do miss blogging, but there are real-life things that I have to take care of on those moments. Now that things have slowed down and I have been able to catch up, I will try my best to blog more. 

On the side note, I joined a Secret Penpal Scavanger Hunt hosetd by Fab from Wreck This Girl. The posts will be up as soon as I can get better internet connection. Up till here, see you later!