Monday, October 24, 2016

Intermezzo // 06

Uh oh! More than a week of no writing?! How come? 

Its part lazy-ness and part busy-ness.

So, a couple of new stuffs that was happening lately and some stuffs I had in mind:

  1. SHINee is coming to Jakarta in less than a month!!! Today marks the online ticket sale and here I am still contemplating if I should watch it or not.
  2. I am loving Dean more and more and more. Thanks to him, I am also researching about Club Eskimo and Fanxychild.
  3. And his produced song "Ain't Got Nobody" for Unpretty Rapstar 3 has been in my mind all week long.
  4. I went to Bandung last weekend.
  5. And I was planning to make a photolog from my phone pictures. I am learning to take more pictures instead of just Snapchat-ing. Snapchat is super fun. But in a way, the pictures are going to disappear in 24 hours. I need to save my pictures so I can have things to look back in the future.
  6. I finished the drama "W" starring Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo. But I have not had the time to talk about it yet.
  7. I have not got a time to actually do something for my main blog, I am super lazy in editing pictures, but I really want to bring the blog back, so I guess I really have to start sparing some time to work on it.
  8. I love reading this social experiment by Jessica Walsh and Tim Goodman called "12 Kinds of Kindness." They have previously worked together for "40 Days of Dating" which I have not read up til today.
  9. There's a topic I have had in my mind lately about insecurity, jealousy and overall negative emotion I have as human being. But it is going to take a bit longer to write, so I am going to jot it down here first so I will not forget.
  10. Oh, after almost 2 months, I am also back in Instagram. Hooray!

So, that's it for now, I guess, I really really want to watch Dean in Unpretty Rapstar for now, so, see you in the next post, yes?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Love Yourself

I just got a haircut yesterday. Part of it because my bleached and dyed hair has been very very dry and unhealthy. Other part of it because my hair had been dirty and I was too lazy to wash so there I had two excuses to get a haircut. Lol.

This year I guess is a year of change for me in terms of my look. Talk about the hair dye, it was already a very bold decision with huge impact. People were shocked. And I felt weird when I first had it too. But I like it more each day while I hate taking care of it at the same time. Haha.

Dyed hair just required so much care and effort that I had no time to deal with, that's why it is becoming unhealthy. I only care to use hair oil everyday, because if not, I could not even comb it down huhu. I only had a creambath with hair vitamin once and that's it. I wasn't even having creambath for the sake of my hair but for my dizzy head and aching body.

I think the last time I had a haircut this short is when I was in junior high school. It was actually not that short, but since it was curled, it looks shorter and surprisingly, I loved it.

Besides hair, this year I am taking care of my face more. My younger self would not even have a clue the difference between one makeup and another. Like what the hell is concealer or primer? I just knew BB Cream and that's it. Okay, lipstick maybe, but I used to hate it, lol. I also had to rely on my other friends to help me do the makeup when I had special occasion. So, thank you to those of you who had helped me all along.

Learning makeup is a lot of trial and error. I still used a lot of drugstore makeup and still feel nggak rela to buy more high-end products like Korean makeup or American makeup. I also tried buying makeup online and the downside is, you do not really know how the shade will look like. I ended up buying BB Cream which shade didn't work on my face so I gave it to a friend.

Also, makeup is pretty expensive. For me at least. If you love makeup, maybe you would not feel that way. But I am just slowly learning and liking it so it's a lot of money to invest on. Especially because I am still figuring out which makeup would suit my face.

The thing is, I am a super curious person. I barely stick to one product and call it my holy grail. I just like buying new products and try it on. Even if sometimes it is not that suitable for me, I would not have a heart to just throw it away. I will have to finish it before I can buy another new one. So yeah, that's why it's a slow learning process.

But at least, now I know how to draw my brows ((thanks Etude eyebrow pencil, you safe my life!)). I naturally have a thin eyebrow and super okay with it, but it really showed when I took pictures haha. So my friends like to help me draw my brows every now and then. I still like it more subtle and not super thick, but at least it is there now haha.

I have learned that liquid eyeliner is such a pain. It's better to use the pencil type. But I still have not figured out why it got smudged so easily. I have tried 2-3 brands and have not found the perfect one yet.

I have learned to use primer before applying on makeup. Though I still don't see what's the difference. Also, I purchased blush on a couple of weeks ago and I have been loving it. But I have not bought any brushes yet, so I just use my fingers. ((I know, you can judge me, but brushes are expensive, huhu))

I still need to learn eye makeup, I have seen people's face changed thanks to eye shadow and liner, I have yet to experiment and see what works best on my face. I still have a long way to go for contour and highlight, mainly because I am also super lazy, ha!

Also, it's time to also care about the face skin care. Sometimes I just wash my face with facial foam and not removing it with makeup remover first. Some other times I fell asleep without even washing my face because I was exhausted. Oh my God, haha. 

Today I will be going to a mall and look for facial wash and skincare. I used to just buy random drugstore products and never really care about the result. I think it's time I actually take care about it. Dear face, sorry I have not been taking care of you all these years. It's now time for you to shineeee! Lol.

But given the fact that I am super like emak-emak who wants to save every single penny, I will need to compare the price before deciding to buy. Drugstore facial wash is relatively cheap and that's why, I will have to think several times before investing on my next skincare that might be 5x more expensive. But hopefully the price won't lie.

Aduh, kakiku kesemutan.

Also, I didn't know that I am going to rant this long just to talk about my hair and face lol. I think one of the reasons why I am getting more interested in makeup and skincare is because I watched lots of Youtube videos from beauty vlogger. Uh, damn you guys. It's positive in a way that I got to know their reviews and learn about many things. But it also made me want to buy lots of products haha.

Another reason is probably because I know have some friends to talk about this girly thing. I mean, some of my friends in university were just like me who were clueless about makeup. But now that we are all learning, we can share information with each other hehe.

Okay, I think I will stop for now before it gets any longer.

Have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


She is a paradox
One moment she said yes
Next moment she said no

She is a paradox
She allowed people to do things
But when the things are done
She told you the opposite

She is a paradox
One moment a thought come to her mind
And she voiced it out
Next moment an opposite thought come to her mind
And she voiced it out

She is a paradox
For when you asked
Which one is better
"I'm confused"
She said

She is a paradox
For she made decision so quickly
And judge people so easily
Yet she convinced you to think carefully
And to never judge

She is a paradox
For she easily got influenced
When she should have believed
in herself

She is a paradox
For she knew how long it took
Yet she shut her eye
And she closed her ears

She is a paradox
For thinking that everything is so simple
When she knew very well
How complicated it is

She is a paradox
For she thought you are not doing anything
When you have sacrificed your weekend
And lend her an extra hand

She is a paradox
For she thought that you are a paradox
When she herself
is a paradox

October 2016

Work Hard, Play Hard

If there is any phrase that I am living as my mantra, I think it would be "Work Hard, Play Hard", for now at least. Some who have known me long enough should have understood this philosophy of mine because I can go and play until midnight but I would also work my ass off to finish my project and make sure it is done well not halfheartedly.

Just last weekend, I went to my company outing in a very beautiful place in Sukabumi. The place is called Kampoeng Padi and truthfully, it was quite a pain to go there. The road is small and winding and I was a bit dizzy during the drive. 

We gathered early in the morning and left at 05.30 AM to arrive about 5 hours later which I expected. We arrived in the rafting site and had a little break. Then when my colleagues go rafting, I just sat there and read my book and enjoyed life. I am scared of water and the depth so I chose not to go rafting.

Then when they had finished rafting, we had our lunch there which was very delicious. The chili is so good, mainly because they are not spicy ((I can't stand spiciness)). We then went to the villa which took us another hour and arrived there safe and sound.

My first impression, it's soooo BEAUTIFUL! And it is sooo Indonesian. Everything is so green and gorgeous. There are lots of natural element in this place with the touch of woods, brick, stone, everything blends so well. 

We had another break before we were assigned to our room. Luckily the girls got to stay in the private villa which is spread around the Kampoeng Padi area. For the boys, they had to walk a little to the upper side to another villa called Kampoeng Singkong. There are only a couple of rooms there with dozen of beds inside each room.

As for me and the other ladies, we got to enjoy our own villa with 3 to 5 people in each place. Each of the villa has different concept and number of people to stay. But what I can say that each of them are very beautiful. Also, there is no aircon there because the weather itself is pretty chill already and it gets colder at night.

After a bit of rest, we went back to the dining area, had an introduction and ice breaking game and then proceed to a little speech from our boss. We also got to celebrate the company's first anniversary ((which honestly moved my heart, awww)). Then we had our dinner with tumpeng, meatball soup, barbeque and cake. 

Oh, we were supposed to have a volley tournament that evening when we have arrived, too bad the weather is not very good so it has to be cancelled. Right after dinner, we went to Kampoeng Singkong and had another tournament. We played cards ((capsa)) and table tennis there. I went for capsa and lost lol. I watched the table tennis tournament and it was fun! There were laughter, cheers and a lot of tense for the players haha. In the end my group won the third place. Ulala.

As the tournament finished, me and some colleagues went on to play Exploding Kitten. It is a game played with cards and it was really fun! We played three times and in the last round I won dramatically, with no cards in hand and 2 bombs out of 3 remaining cards in the deck. So it was a good win hehe.

We went back to the villa and the road was really -literally- dark. But even with that amount of darkness, I can not see any stars huhu. I gossiped a little bit with my roommate then we had a good good sleep in a big comfy mattress.

Waking up the next morning is a bliss. The bed is too comfortable, I did not really want to wake up haha. By the time I finished showering and went to the dining area, it is almost 10 AM already so it is basically brunch and not breakfast anymore. We did a couple of bread experiment with jam and toaster and even chicken and we uselessly became full lol.

Oh, there is this fusbol game in the dining area which I instantly love to play with my colleagues. It's fun and crazy with lots of OOHs and AAHs and HOORAYs. We ended up requesting the game in the office.

After brunch, I explored the villa a bit with the others and take turns to take pictures. Every spot is beautiful and so serene. They also had this small swimming pool in front of the dining area. Since we had no time to play with the water we just dip our feet and surprisingly the water is cool even though the sun is right above us. The sun is blazing but the weather is not that hot since the wind is pretty cool and breezy.

About noon, a cincau cart appeared and I was so soooo happy. The day before I mentioned to my friend that I to drink something cold and sweet and then it was there! Yay. Also, I really loved cincau ijo. So good, so refreshing. Aaaa, what a good life really.

Then the lunch is served and I was still a bit full by that time. But man, can't resist food that good haha. So I ate anyway. And have I mentioned the food there is so good? and so generous? My oh my.

After lunch, sadly we had to leave huhu. We took some pictures and bid goodbye to this sweet escape. The drive back to Jakarta was not a smooth one. When we reached around Bogor, the bus  that I sat in broke down! Luckily we took two buses so we can move to another bus but we had to wait for like another 20 minutes to move there.

Some of us even had to stand up or sat closely so we could fit three people into two seat. But it's better than having to wait for another bus because we were in the middle of a highway. In total, it took almost seven hours to go back since there were traffic.

Oh well, this story ended up super long and super descriptive. But at least I did not postpone this until like weeks or months later to be written haha. If I postponed it too long, I usually ended up being lazy and not writing it which is quite a bum. But then, I am super lazy with photo editing so I just edited these photos with my VSCO and copy-paste the edits, lol.

Anyway, the joint blog that I made with my friends is still on the revamping process and we are both so busy, that's why I did not know if it is going to go live anytime soon or not. Let's hope that we can clear our schedule a bit and work on it. Also, one more thing, I start thinking that this blog is so messy so I will find some time to clean it up haha.

Okay, nuff ranting.
Time to sleep.
Nighty night!

Friday, October 07, 2016


Do you dream in your sleep? I sometimes have a dream if I was woken up and fell back to sleep shortly after.

Last night / this morning, I had a dream of my mom and dad. We were chilling in what used to be their bedroom with the air-con and the TV on. That's when my mom got a call from my aunt -- which is not unusual since they use to talk on the phone almost everyday -- and she picked up. I heard them mentioning like my mom got into the next round of somewhat singing competition ((she had a very beautiful voice, I swear))

But then she said she was not planning to proceed with the competition anymore because it coincided with my mom and dad's trip to Australia. I think the plan was like in December.

Haha, so I just imagined that the two of them going to Australia, having a good quality time together. They are going to stroll around the Opera House, take pictures and probably send them to me via WhatsApp or LINE ((because we love hilarious stickers)). They will most certainly not forget to buy souvenir for me and my brothers ranging from chocolates and t-shirt with Aussie words on it. Also, they would not let a day slide calling and checking on us, like wondering why I have not gone home from the office or if we have eaten lunch yet and something trivial like that.

Oh, how I miss you both.
We'll see, I hope you guys are making good plans for your Australia trip in two months. It might be probably easier to travel from up there. Take your time planning and traveling the world.


Tuesday, October 04, 2016

On Writing

This month ((and hopefully for the rest of the year)), I made it my goal to write more in a creative sense. Now that I am working in the digital industry as a copywriter, everything works so quickly. Demands are high and the goals keep increasing. I am adapting with the pace and so far I have been keeping up with it.

But then, the thing about writing for work is that there are certain boundaries that I have to follow. There is theme that has been set and there are only so much that I can talk. Of course, I did have my own portion of creative process. But everything has to be planned and has to be written in a way to create more engagement.

Here in the space owned by me and me only, I want my writing to be raw, to be honest and to have my own boundaries. I do not care about engagement, I do not care if people are going to read what I wrote or not. I just care that I have a channel to express myself.

With that said, I am going to write about anything. About stuffs that is happening in my life, the K-pop new release that I enjoy listening, the K-drama I wish was real, about the dream I had last night, about the fantasy stories I had in mind, anything really.

Can I write everyday from today to the rest of the year? No, I'm not sure. I will try to write everyday but it might slow down during weekends or holidays. I wanted to make it a habit to write on a certain time everyday, but I am still not sure about it.

So, I guess that's it for now? The things is, I do enjoy writing so much and I want to write not only for people first but also for myself first. Also, talking about writing and stuffs, I have not been updating my blog and my instagram due to my busy-ness. Now there are Path and Snapchat, but I want to keep my memories and cherish it in the future. So with just 20 minutes every night, I hope I can make these writings as a keepsake :)