Friday, April 11, 2014

Fangirl Friday #6: Debut

Hello everyone, sorry for my absence (again), I have been pretty busy catching up subjects to make up for my semester break last year. 

Anyway, there has been undoubtedly lots and lots of good music lately. Some of the songs that capture my attention even come from a new debut singer(s). Here are some songs that I really love lately.

Please note that I am NOT a music or k-pop expert. Anything stated in this post is based solely from my subjective opinion.
Akdong Musician - "200%"

I have been watching them since the K-Pop Star 2 era, they are sooo cute and not to mention, naturally talented. I love their music very much, I love their voices and the boy is so talented in composing. Oh and they are even younger than me!!! Woot. Anyway, I have been waiting for their debut and it is not disappointing at all. The whole album is just amazing. I thought they will include most of ChanHyuk's self-composed songs from K-Pop Star, but it turns out that he composed even more wonderful songs for this album. And the dance /squeals/ they are sooo cute and cheerful.

HIGH4 ft. IU - "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms"
I have no idea who they are or which company they are from. But I have been seeing the news about them lately, and I am also a fan of IU, so I gave this song a try. Oh my, best decision ever! The song is light and relaxing, also it has some kind of cheerful beat that makes me feel relieved. While HIGH4 comes from relatively average company, I believe they are all talented, I mean, listen to their voices, so relaxing. 

Eddy Kim - "2 Years Apart"
Thanks to Lim Kim, I have had a soft spot for Mystic89. Even though not every artist is my liking, but it turns out that Eddy Kim, their newest artist, is not bad. I love songs with music that is not so complicated, just like Eddy's "2 Years Apart". I have not yet listen to all his songs but this is certainly a good beginning.

2000Won - "I Don't Like Seoul Anymore" 
Just like Akdong Musician, I have also seen 2000 Won before in the survival audition, K-Pop Star. While this song is not really to my liking, I am pretty sure they have a lot of potential. I actually kinda like the concept of the MV, like they are incorporating things around them to move from one scene to another. 

And....what's a fangirl friday without bits of EXO and/or SHINee? LOL

While typing this blog post, my phone suddenly buzzed, and when I checked it, I just couldn't contain my feeling because, EXO Comeback Teaser is out!!!!

asdfghjkl, I am going to keep my mouth shut now, and we have now all known what will be discussed on next week Fangirl Friday.