Friday, November 15, 2013

Fangirl Friday #5: Comeback

In this part of Fangirl Friday, I am going to talk about the artist who are coming back to the K-pop scene. Of course there are a lot of artist, so the ones who I will talk about are the one that I know or the one that catches my eyes.

Please note that I am NOT a music or k-pop expert. Anything stated in this post is based solely from my subjective opinion.
Taeyang - "Ringa Linga"
Even though I am not much fan of Big Bang, I pretty much follow them when they comeback (or when one of the members comeback). This song is a bit different with Taeyang's previous solo singles, like "I Need A Girl" and "Wedding Dress". In my opinion, this song really sound a lot like Big Bang, doesn't it? But of course, Taeyang is a talented singer, and I guess he wants to try something new.  
M&N (Miryo&Narsha) - "Tonight"
A sub-unit from Brown Eyed Girls (BEG) !!! Just like Big Bang, I am not much a fan of BEG. But it is a really great group, and I adore their voices. The first time I heard the song, I am hooked. Narsha has an angelic voice and Miryo's rap is no doubt, awesome. I can't wait to see they perform it live (will they promote this or?) 
Davichi - "The Letter"

Davichi is well-known for their beautiful voices. This song too proves just how beautiful their voices are. This song is not particularly my jam though, because it sounds so ballad (and reminds me of sad OST). 

Miss A - "Hush"

I have a mixed feeling about this song. Like, this song is good, but it feels like it is missing something. Or is it just my odd feeling? When I first heard the song, I am not that intrigued. But, the more I listen to it, the more I think that it is actually pretty good.
NC.A - "Oh My God"
Even though her stage name is quite weird (like i thought it was read en-ssi-ei but it is actually en-ssi-(y)a) and she is very young (sixteen!!!), but she has a unique voice and she is too cute. I watched a lot of her live performances back then and I think she still has to work on that aspect. But of course, she's got lots of potential. Tbh, I was a bit confused whether NC.A is a solo singer or a band because she once performed with a band.

I am too excited for EXO Showtime! I think I should start a new feature to discuss about EXO (or SHINee) weekly, but that will be too much. So, that's a wrap for now, bye!


Saturday, November 02, 2013


still my favorite project so far

Photos of my old projects. Taken from phone's camera and previously posted in my instagram too.
Indonesian BATIK for color theory subject // 100 variety of ORANGE for vcd 1 subject.


Friday, November 01, 2013

Fangirl Friday #4: The Boys Are Here

I missed out the Fangirl Friday last week because I was busy with other things. No worry, I am back  again ^^ Because I talked about the girls previously, I think it's just fair to talk about the boys now.

Please note that I am NOT a music or k-pop expert. Anything stated in this post is based solely from my subjective opinion.

Kim Jaejoong - "Just Another Girl"

The first impression: neither the song nor the video is my favorite. The song sounds more K-rock rather than K-pop I guess. Jaejoong truly shows which path is he walking, continuing his music choice with "Mine". The song kinda reminds me of C.N.Blue songs, or probably it is because of the band, I don't know. His English, well, I believe he missed some of the pronunciation. Now that I have listened it few more times, it actually doesn't sound that bad. But still, I don't like the music video.

K. Will - "You Don't Know Love"

I have the urge to say this. This song this video, it is sooooo K. Will (who else will it be). K. Will and ballad love song with a touch of R&B are match made in heaven. The video is super cute even though the model's acting is not that good, but I still like it. And I love the room though, oh how much I wish I have that kind of bedroom (and house) haha. K. Will's songs always make me feel like all the flowers are blooming and it is forever spring.

Trouble Maker - "Now"

When this duo first debuted, I thought they will only be a one-time-project. I never expected that they will do a comeback. When I watch music video, to be honest, I am distracted to focus only on the video that I don't remember the song at all, partly because this kind of video is quite rare in K-pop. but the scene where two cars are drove in circle and they both dance in the middle is kinda odd though. The song is pretty good though I prefer their debut song. I watched the live performance, and they seem so tired because the performance is not that powerful.

While we are at it, I have some more to talk about. I can't can't wait for the full video of this teaser to be released.

JIN - "Gone"

The teaser excites me due to the fact that Xiumin is the main actor here with Yujong (she is so pretty). The music video looks very very interesting, I just can't wait to see the whole MV. The song though reminds me of drama soundtrack, but let's wait til the full song (and video) is revealed. 

Bonus of the day is the hilarious Taemin randomly covers EXO-K's MAMA song featuring Key's ridiculous laugh.

And, if you aren't aware, EXO is going to have their own reality show!!!