All this time, I have always been the 'write/type it down' kind of girl. Meaning that when I have ideas, it is best to write them or type them down somewhere so I will not forget and revisit them again once I am looking for inspiration.

As I published my resolution for 2017 online, I thought it will also be fun to create some kind of bucket list. They are called HOPE just because I want to keep them in line with HOME and HELLO, hahaha. But they really are things that I HOPE I can accomplish throughout my life.

The lists here are written recently but they are stuffs that has always been on my mind for all these years. Some of them are part of my old resolutions and ongoing plans. Some of them are things that I discover later when I am older. With that said, this list will keep on changing from time to time. Those that I have accomplished will be put in bold and linked if I talked about it somewhere online.

Without further ado, here is my ongoing list of HOPE.

1. Watch SHINee World Concert Live - here
2. Fully dye my hair here
3. Have a proportional/ideal weight
4. Published a book
5. Write song lyrics
6. Write script for a movie
7. Go to planetarium
8. Star gazing while laying on a grass field
9. Ride a hot air balloon
10. Participate in an exhibition
11. Create creative store display
12. KonMari-ed my house
13. Go to South Korea
14. Go to Petra, Jordan
15. Solo travel
16. Have someone serenade me with a song
17. Meet Dean in real life ((so tempted to change this into hug Dean in real life))
18. Meet Roy Kim in real life
19. Be a cameo in a movie/TV series/music video
20. Give workshop
21. Donate my one-month salary for a cause that I believe in
22. Do a garage sale ((for fun not for the actual money))
23. Host a party
24. Collaborate with fashion designer
25. Live outside Indonesia for at least 1 month
26. Collaborate with Korean idol/singer/actor in any way
27. Go to a grape vineyard
28. Go skydiving
29. Design book cover ((an actual book cover that will be sold for real))
30. Decorate a wedding
31. Throw a bridal shower/baby shower
32. Stand on two states/countries at the same time
33. Road trip for two weeks with people who can drive
34. Grow a cactus/succulent
35. Watch a ballet recital
36. Go to Disneyland
37. Arrange flowers
38. Build a furniture
39. Fly in a helicopter
40. Open a small craft business
41. Become fluent in one other language beside Bahasa Indonesia and English ((most probably Korean, but we'll see))
42. Visit every continent in the world
43. Tour Europe for two weeks
44. Learn how to drive a car
45. To love and to be loved by the right person on the right time and circumstances
46. Make a balloon installation
47. Learn ice skating
48. Kiss someone on the top of ferris wheel
49. Knit a scarf
50. Win an award
51. Picnic date
52. Take a selfie in New York Times Square
53. Fly on a business class
54. Buy a house
55. Eat real snow
56. Create a book with multiple ending
57. Explore a castle
58. Get paid for translating (book/movies/etc)
59. Do a social experiment like the ones done by Jessica Walsh and Tim Goodman
60. Make a pottery
61. Pamper myself in spa/salon for a whole day
62. Go clubbing
63. Go on a staycation
64. Buy coffee for a stranger
65. Make fresh noodle
66. Gamble in a casino (one-time only)
67. Walk on a red carpet and get my pictures taken by photographers
68. Bake a cake
69. Join a flash mob
70. Write a postcard for someone else from a foreign country
71. Paint in a large scale
72. Recreate at least 5 projects from any Neil Buchanan's version of Art Attack
73. Learn makeup properly (especially eye shadow, contour and highlight)
74. Design greeting cards and wrapping paper for a well-known brand
75. Sing a duet with the actual singer
76. Play my heart out in a game arcade
77. Make a zine
78. Write story for strangers for a day
79. Paint a mural
80. Make a beverage
81. Watch a drama play
82. Cook 3-course meal completed with wine/champagne
83. Go to a chocolate factory
84. Wear Oxford shoes on my wedding day
85. Own a typewriter
86. Design for Google Doodle
87. Design for international brand store front display
88. Singing in the rain
89. Make art that make people happy
90. Work with / work for Art Science Museum Singapore
91. ...

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