Thursday, February 16, 2017

Intermezzo // 08

I have been meaning to kickstart the posts for my ongoing 52 FACE project. But every time I got home, I ended up choosing the other activities instead of editing my photo or typing down the journey of the project.

You know, the temptation of reading other people's blog, watching the latest Asian movie ((I have been watching the Thai ones as of lately)), and especially sleeping, lol. So, today, I took some time in between waiting for the rush hour to end at the office.

I will not be updating the 52 FACE yet, since I obviously need some more time to write on that post. But I will be dropping some links that I have stumbled upon to these days. 

Fun fact: I tend to retweet things on my twitter from mobile for later purpose. I also like to drop some links on a LINE group which comprises of only myself ((lol)). It usually happened when I was in the office and I found some interesting news but the content was lengthy, so I put it there to be read later.

So the stuffs listed below are mostly taken from those findings.

1. Have you been to Quora before? I just signed up for few months now and they usually send me daily newsletter. When I found an interesting question and I have time, I will usually go to the site. Its interesting to read people's response. The most recent that I read is this one.

2. SUPER SUPER EXCITED to join The Blog Project hosted by wonderful ladies whose writing I have equally adored. Gearing up to start writing my first #TBPMonthly, soon.

3. My colleague shared this Design Trend 2017. Not exactly a new trend in 2017 for me because I have been seeing them throughout 2016, honestly. But it's nice to have a little refreshment.

4. I first read the Most Innovative Company from the physical issue of Fast Company. Just few days ago, I stumbled upon the 2017 version. Always interesting to read.

5. DEAN's comeback my friend! As if I have to say more...

6. An interesting read about BuzzFeed and Tasty.

7. These five-episodes article series that I recently wrote and truly loved. It's me and my team's prediction for the Home Trend 2017.

8. Also, dropping the link of this Typography Handbook. I have not finished reading it yet. I have just skimmed through it. But I will get back to it later.

9. I just finished watching the newest music video from KARD! I was not planning to write about them but their MV came out just few minutes ago. Don't Recall is AMAZING! I always love the idea of co-ed group just like how Co-Ed School was.

10. There is a Youtuber who I quite like called Joan Kim, and guess what? She attended the same high school with Matthew from KARD! Whoa!

That's it for now. Did you cast your vote for the future governor yesterday? I did and I am just glad that there was no big fuss, just a little queue. What made me even more glad is of course, the holiday! Ha!

Back to work again today! Ciao!

Thursday, February 02, 2017

52 FACE - A Passion Project by Filicia

Have I told you before that I love December?  I love it for so many reasons. First of all, I love Christmas so much, I love the spirit, the festivity and the joy. It seems like people have this sort of happiness glowing from their faces during this time of the year. With Christmas and New Year Eve, comes the holiday, which is also the reason I love December.

Then, December is the closing month of every year. It is the time for me at least, to reflect on what's been happening on the last 12 months. I looked back on what I have achieved, what I have failed and what I can do better in the future. 

December is a hopeful month. It is the time when I got to think of what I can do in the next one year, think of a resolution, personal goals, projects, and else. Well, there are some people who said that if you want to start something, you can start at anytime. But, there is something special about closing the year and do a new project with a fresh start. It got me more motivated, more spirited and generally more focus.

On my resolution this year, I mentioned about this project called 52 FACE if you did notice. And today, I will be sharing more about this project. The excerpt here is developed from what I wrote in my sacred notebook. Sacred, because this notebook is where I wrote down all my pilot project before I went to another notebook for the planning.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Intermezzo // 07

I am in a coffee shop right now. 

I have just whipped off a bowl of pork donburi while waiting for a friend of mine to arrive here. As I am writing right now, I am secretly hoping that my laptop's battery will not die so soon because their source of electricity is too limited. The place is really nice though. 

Anyhow, here is a quick update before I get into writing the more serious and longer posts later.

1. I am on leave from work for a couple of days from last Thursday up to today. Ah, how nice is it to stay up late, laze around, curl up on the bed, work on personal stuffs and just generally be there for my own self.

2. One of the reasons I took leave was because of the Chinese New Year celebration. I did not really go anywhere though, but I took time to clean up my house slowly ((part of working on my 2017 resolution)), send parcels to family friends and visit my extended family.

3. I finished watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo ((pictured above)) and they are the CUTEST thing on dramaland, omg. It has been a while since I finished watching drama and felt so satisfied. I feel like I want to rave about everything about Kim Bok Joo, but alas, I need to write about something else first.

4. I also finished watching Goblin. I have a mixed review towards this drama, It is bearable but I do not like it as much as how it get so hyped.

5. I found out about this Adobe Creative Residency, it's a very amazing program and I really really wish I could join. But for now, they are only open for US, Canada and Germany residence. I wish they would expand to Asia and especially Indonesia in the future. The competition must be very tough I know, but at least it can be a good experience to apply for it.

6. A blog that I have been reading for a long time, A Beautiful Mess, is opening up a job for contributor writer. It is said that applicants can work remotely. But then again, should I or should I not give it a try?

7. I have been playing this game called SuperStar SM Town religiously. Haha! It's a fun music tapping game with music from SM Town artists. They also have this card grading system and special events which made a lot more fun!

8. Have you heard the new album from Akdong Musician? The songs are all adorable, I love them even more now. My favorite from the "Winter" album is the song "Reality", watch the live performance here.

9. Now that I think about it, I have also finished the drama Age of Youth. It is an intriguing drama that showcased the dynamic friendship of girls who were once strangers who turned into roommate. I love how the characters are so different but still complement each other. I also love how the friendship of the girls is more highlighted than the love story.

10.Last but not least, La La Land. I don't know what's wrong with me and hyped stuffs. It might be because I came in the cinema with high expectation, unlike when I came to watch Cek Toko Sebelah. I spent the first half of the movie wondering, which part of this movie that made people get so hyped about it. I knew it was wrong of me to come up with high expectation, but can't help it right, when everyone is talking about it.

I did love the visual though. The colors, the costume, the scenery, they are all soooo awesome. The songs are fitting with the story and Emma Stone, dang, you are one fine actress! But when I was there watching the movie and when the scene hit The End, I was like ??? I swear right there and then, that I can not comprehend how I actually felt about this movie. It is a good-to-watch movie especially with the beautiful visuals, but other than that, I am not very sure.

That's it for the Intermezzo. This somehow ended up as the compilation of movies, dramas, and stuffs that I have enjoyed as of lately. But that's the point of Intermezzo, isn't it? Haha.

'Til next time!