Saturday, August 06, 2016

things in life that i have been contemplating

she was a naive little girl
and she is still a naive young lady

she wonders
how it feels to love
and how it feels to be loved back

she wonders
if after all this time
it is the butterflies in her stomach
that makes her
smile more
laugh more

she wonders
if after all this time
he felt the same thing as well

she wonders
if there will come the day
they hold hand
exchange hug
share kisses
and live
happily ever after


a 5-minute poem
in one random afternoon
early August 2016
with blurry vision

Sunday, July 03, 2016


This week, as I embark on a new journey for myself, I just want to remind myself to stay true to my passion, to remember my dreams and to keep on moving forward to reach it. Life is full of surprises and I can never predict when or where my life will give me another surprise. So I will enjoy it while it lasts, have some fun, stay positive and never ever stop learning. 

I am thankful for the things I have right now and I am looking forward to what the future holds for me. 

P.s. Happy Birthday, Roy Kim!
I still like you even with your weird ugly short bangs haircut.
And you are still the dream I remember everyday.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Happy 8th Anniversary, SHINee

Dear SHINee ((and fellow SHINee World out there)),

I know I am a week late, but it has been on my mind all month and I have been itching to write my greetings for your 8th anniversary. I am sorry that I have just got a chance to finally write it down, but as always, it came from the deepest and most sincere heart of mine.

For the past eight years, saying that I have seen you guys grow up a lot is an understatement. We have all grown up together. I have seen you since the debut era, I still remember your first variety show "Yunhanam" ((Younger Boyfriend)) and I still miss Jung Yoogeun and the fatherly side of Minho and Key every now and then.

I still remember loving "Amigo" so so much and especially this performance that I will never ever forget. I remember the excitement when Jonghyun joined twitter or when Key joined instagram even back then when Minho updated SHINee's me2day every now and then. This year, the five of you have grown not only as a group but as an individual artist yourselves.

Onew, you are such a great leader and I know you will forever be. We have seen you play in musical for the past years and this year, we saw you as a new and highly praised actor. The way you portray Lee Chi Hoon as the young and generous doctor is so wonderful. Especially on times that you cry your heart out, it touched my heart as well. Next year, I am hoping that you got your turn to have a solo debut and sing your favorite tune or release the jam and bread song ^^ I hope seeing more of the Onew Sangtae ((Onew condition)), your ttakbam, and actor Onew, and singer Onew, and also Onew with chicken lol.

Jonghyun, I am so proud of you and how you have established yourself not just as an idol singer but also a songwriter. You are a true artist and a great performer and I can't be happier to call myself your biggest fan and supporter. I am amazed by your delicate voice and soulful performance. I love your wit and your sense for the social issue. I am thankful for radio show like "Blue Night" and TV show like "Monthly Live Connection" that help us witness your writing process. You also had a solo concert which I would have totally gone if I live in South Korea. I am thankful for SM for the chance for you to grow as an artist to release songs not only to gain profit but to become closer to your fans and to inspire the people around you. I love your albums from "Base" to "Story Op.1" to "She is" and still got amazed for songs you created for other artists. Next year, I wish you will write more songs and sing more songs and be more creative. Even if you had a slump, I hope you can quickly recover and get back to what you are always passionate about.

Key, oh Kim Kibum, you lovely firecracker. I always admire your fashion style and how vocal you are about your personality. After playing numerous musical, you challenge yourself for a theater play in "Save the Green Planet". You even become a brand ambassador for Jill Stuart and further establish your position as a fashionable idol as a special editor for Elle Korea. You appeared in "My Little Television" and even if I have just watched a bit of them, I am so happy you got your own broadcast. Next year, I wish you would be designing fashion pieces and appear on more variety shows because you are so fun to watch. I hope many more people will appreciate your creative taste in fashion.

Minho, my bias and my handsome oppa, this year too, you challenge yourself on becoming a better actor. Honestly, I am not a big fan of your acting but I will keep on supporting you and I know that one day you will be a one fine actor. You have always been acting on television and this year you took it to the big screen. I hope your movie receive a good response and become a good experience for you. I am looking forward to your new drama "Hwarang" and hope it will do well and further develop your acting with the fellow actors you are working with. I also pray that you will write more raps for future SHINee songs and appear in another variety or show again. I remember how you used to be so quiet and then you become an MC for music shows and become a fix cast for "Dream Team". Next year, I hope you got a chance to develop more in any aspect of entertainment. If you love acting, I hope you continue pursuing it, and I hope you will write more raps for SHINee songs. 

Taemin, the maknae who is no longer that cutie pie. We have all seen you transformed from a cute mushroom-haired boy into a gorgeous masculine man. You break the stereotype of being the 'dancer' of the group and prove everyone that you are also a great singer, even a great performer. You have a unique taste in music and I adore how you become an original Taemin yourself and not a copy of any of your idol. I love your witty personality and how you joked with your hyungdeul. Next year, I hope you continue growing and showing us an interesting side of yours. Who knows that you might be the one who choreographed the dance for SHINee or yourself too?

SHINee, the past years, you have always been my mood booster and the reason why I still hang on to K-pop. I still got excited everytime I see the news about any of you and even better about SHINee altogether. I am proud about all your achievements and how you guys have promoted in Japan. I have not been very loyal about your Japanese promotion as much as I follow your Korean promotion, but I will always keep on supporting the five of you no matter what.

I wish all of you will stay together for a long long time as SHINee. I wish you all to grow together as a group and individually and to always have the passion and love for singing and performing. I wish you guys will be strayed away from scandals and gossips and bad things. I wish you guys to take a rest every now and then and not to drain yourselves. After all, being healthy is the top priority. I wish ideas and creativity will always spark to you and your team so you guys can keep on producing and performing contents with great quality.

Thank you SM Entertainment for finding the talents in these five young men back then and letting them debut together and giving them chances to explore the creative sides of themselves. Thank you SHINee for debuting so young and sacrificing your youth to become a prominent idol group you guys are today. Thank you for not giving up on your dreams and staying true to yourselves all these years. Thank you for debuting as SHINee and making me a SHINee World. Thank you for bringing colors to SHINee as five amazing men and bringing colors to SHINee World as one wonderful SHINee. 

I know I am not the only one, and I sincerely hope that SHINee will last until as long as you could, with no changing member. I believe that SHINee World are okay with your individual activities as long as the five of you, Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin stay together as SHINee. 

It says that the name SHINee means the one receiving the light. But I think it is us, SHINee World who received so much light and hope from SHINee. I love you and I am forever grateful to call myself as a SHINee World.

Happy 8th Anniversary, SHINee!

Friday, May 06, 2016

Rangga dan Impian Masa Remaja

Beberapa minggu terakhir, sedang semangat-semangatnya menulis. Kalau tidak sempat menulis disini, saya selalu menulis di caption Instagram, di moment Path, di Twitter atau paling banter di kepala. Duh, kalau di kepala sih sudah banyak sekali yang ingin ditulis, tapi saking banyaknya, harus menunggu satu per satu.

Beberapa hari yang lalu, saya nonton Ada Apa dengan Cinta  (AADC 2?), sebuah film yang sudah sempat vakum 14 tahun lamanya. Hm, apa ya istilahnya, bukan vakum sih. Saat AADC pertama muncul, saya masih umur 8 tahun. Saya nonton beberapa tahun kemudian, saat SMP sepertinya, atau SMA ya? Sepertinya nonton di televisi sih, karena saat itu internet belum secepat dan semudah sekarang.

Waktu saya menonton, dan mencapai bagian ending-nya, yaudah saya cuma bisa berangan-angan Cinta dan Rangga pada akhirnya bisa bersatu. Semakin saya besar, saya rasa ya sudahlah, mungkin Cinta sama Rangga itu cuma cinta monyet. Setelah Rangga ke New York dan Cinta tetap di Jakarta, yaudah jalanin hidup masing-masing, atau mungkin sempet jalan sebentar tapi Cinta-nya nggak tahan LDR-an.

Tapi kemudian dua tahun yang lalu, LINE dengan brilian-nya ngumpulin Geng Mading sama Rangga lewat fitur LINE Alumni dan mempertemukan Cinta sama Rangga. Saya rasa, film pendek itu turut berkontribusi besar untuk meningkatkan hype-nya AADC lagi. Mulailah banyak orang yang menonton ulang AADC ((termasuk saya)) dan mulailah banyak orang yang mempertanyakan gimana kelanjutan kehidupan asmara Cinta dan Rangga. 

14 tahun. Setelah 14 tahun lamanya, barulah akhirnya kita mengetahui bagaimana kelanjutan kisah mereka. Saya nggak mau bilang akhir kisah karena, bisa saja kisah itu terus berlanjut, dalam bayang-bayang di kepala kita atau mungkin bayang-bayang produser lain yang bermaksud menggarap spin-off ceritanya.

Saya nggak mau terlalu banyak bahas tentang film-nya, tapi saya mau bilang satu hal, saya suka. Meskipun ada beberapa part yang missing dan saya pertanyakan, tapi saya tetap suka. Semua karakternya masih sama, sifat mereka dari SMA tidak banyak yang berubah dan senangnya karena semua pemainnya tetap sama. Sedihnya karena cerita AADC2 dan AADC di LINE nggak berkesinambungan. Saya pikir bakal ada korelasinya, tapi ternyata lebih seperti ada parallel world gitu. AADC 12 tahun kemudian versi LINE dan AADC2 14 tahun kemudian versi produser aslinya.

Meskipun Rangga sosoknya galau abis-abisan, dan Cinta anaknya drama banget ((mungkin bisa jadi itu yang bikin mereka cocok ya haha)), tapi sejujurnya Rangga itu tipe lelaki yang memikat saya. Rangga yang dulu SMA maupun Rangga yang kini sudah lebih tua.

Saya selalu bayangin kalau suatu saat nanti jalan dengan pasangan ke tempat-tempat yang nggak biasa seperti itu. Pergi ke pasar buku bekas dan hunting buku bareng ((walaupun beda genre)), pergi ke galeri dan bahas soal karya-karya disana, pergi ke kedai kopi sambil duduk lesehan leyeh-leyeh, travelling ke tempat yang nggak biasa untuk mengejar matahari terbit, menonton pertunjukkan teater, dan hal-hal absurd lainnya yang lebih dari sebatas pergi ke mal atau kafe atau bioskop seperti umumnya anak muda jaman sekarang.

Tapi sampai sekarang, kok belum ya saya ketemu lelaki macam Rangga yang rasanya bakal nyambung banget kalau saya ajak pergi kemana-mana dan ngobrolin ini itu ((minus K-pop mungkin, kayaknya dia bakal mencibir dan menertawakan saya haha)). Apalagi saya bayangin kalau kita ke acara bazar buku macam Big Bad Wolf bareng-bareng, waaaah, kayaknya kita bisa kalap dan gila sama-sama deh HAHAHA.

yaudah tuh kan, saya ujung-ujungnya mengawang-awang dan bermimpi-mimpi menemukan sosok semacam Rangga minus kegalauan dan ke-cool-annya yang berle. haha. tapi sumpah ya, saya bakal girang banget kalau orang kasih saya hadiah puisi yang dia tulis sendiri, dibandingkan beliin barang aneh-aneh yang fancy dan ujungnya nggak terpakai. Saya anaknya terlalu sentimentil sih :')

Tambahan lagi, saya suka banget sama soundtrack AADC2 ini. Melly Goeslaw memang kalau bikin soundtrack film itu, keren-keren sekali ya. Terus yang musik rap di Jogja itu, waaah, baru pertama kali menderngar musik upbeat tapi menggunakan bahasa daerah dan menurut saya menarik banget.

Gimana menurut pendapat teman-teman yang sudah pada nonton AADC2? Do you like it?

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Meeting the Cha Cha Cha Siblings

Since it's the long weekend right now, I can laze around a bit, even though, well, actually there are so many things I have to do that is job related and there are also so many books i want to read and a drama i want to start ((Descendants of the Sun!!!)) But I have been in the mood of watching variety show lately.

Each week, my regular show will be Hello Counselor. I just love love love it so much. Most of the times, I will also watch The Return of Superman, This afternoon, after watching the latest Hello Counselor while eating my lunch, I saw the thumbnail of Cha Taehyun and his kids on the suggested video. I clicked it after I finished with Hello Counselor and has had a good laugh after that.

Even though I am not a regular viewer of 2 Days 1 Night, I watched it every now and then, especially because of the guests ^^ haha, and also the bond between the cast member and the PD-nim. I think they are just hilarious especially with the PD and staffs making appearance every now and then.

Anyway, this episode after they part with Kim Joohyuk who left the show, they invited special guests to the show which are none other than Taehyun's kids. I have seen them a couple of times in 2d1n as well and they are soooo adorable.

His oldest kid, the boy Suchan is very witty and smart and full of energy! He often made comments that cracked me up and he is very nice as well. I love how he keeps on getting food during the lunch for the uncles. Her second child, Taeeun is soooo adorable and girly, she laughs on almost everything and doesn't really throw a fit. Sujin showed up in the beginning of the show and she is such a cutie pie. Also, it's so lovely seeing how Suchan cared for his sisters when their dad is gone for awhile to return the chicks.

Speaking of chicks, Suchan is so determined to eat chicken that day hahaha. From raising the chick into chickens and getting a chicken into a fire lol. I am just in the first part now, and I think I will marathon many 2d1n past episodes as well. I am thinking of watching The Return of Superman when Taehyun's daughters had a playdate with Uhm Taewoong's daughter, Jion.

Also, as the only member of 2d1n who has had a family, I gotta say I adore Taehyun so much. I think he is such a family-man. And even though he seemed to take care about his daughters more because they are younger, I think he is a nice father. I saw in the internet that he married his high school sweetheart who is now a mother of his three children and I think that is kind of sweet :'>