Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Staying is Hard, But You Can Stay Positive

Talk about the expert of submitting a project on the due date ((even a few hours late...)). Oh yay, I am talking about myself, lol. I know, I know, not something that I should be proud of. So, what project? It's called The Blog Project, the one that I have talked about in my previous post.

I first knew about this project from Living Loving, a blog that I have long adored and got a chance to work with previously. They launched this project together with Lucedale and Beradadisini, both blogs that I have equally loved. 

I have been a long time follower of Claradevi though. From her longer hair days with vintage flowery clothing with the blog named under Sunflare Plethora. Even though her style has evolved over the years, but her writing is still as beautiful as ever. On the other hand, for Beradadisini, honestly I just knew her blog for a few months. But man, why didn't I know it sooner? Her words are amaaaaziiiing and her tips on writing is always inspiring. 

So, back to the project, I was super duper excited! Why wouldn't I? I mean, it is a great motivation to at least write once a month. With this project, I might be able to connect with fellow bloggers who are like-minded. I also got to challenge myself to write about a specific topic, which is supposed to be easier.

But, it turns out not to be that easy.