Thursday, October 31, 2013



I doodle that picture for my penpal in Japan. I doodle it based on what she talked about to me in the letter. She told me that she has two cats. Also she told me that she doesn't like vegetable especially tomato and bell pepper ^^

Too bad we don't have a Halloween tradition in my country. Some shopping malls do celebrate it though, but it's not as fun as knocking your neighbor's door and shouting TRICK OR TREAT, i guess.

Some other doodles that I made this month.

A portrait doodle of a selca that I took with my roommates //  A lame fanart of Luhan and Sehun from EXO during SM Town in Beijing


Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Let's talk about Snaimail!

These past few months, I have been into this activity called snailmail. I come across this while scrolling through my instagram feed. The moment I saw it, I knew it would be my jam. I learn about it a little, and I thought it is not enough, so I spent my time googling and learning more about how this thing works.

Basically snailmail is just sending and receiving letter to a friend from all around the world. You can write to your friend who lived far from you or you can find a completely new friend. It is really fun! One special thing is that the letter is handwritten, how sweet is that to send and receive something you write by yourself. Often times, penpals send some goodies, stationery, little snacks or treats, and anything that fits inside a letter to the other penpals. It's like going back to the old days but this time with lots more creativity and fun things to share!

So, I gather all the courage to start finding people to instagram and asking whether they want to be penpal or not. There are many sites that offer you the possibilities to find new penpal, but most of them are just interested in online penpals (or is it me who doesn't search diligently? hehe). As for me, I prefer to go to the #penpal or #penpalwanted tags. Remember to always ask politely and do not feel bad if someone refuses to be your penpal. Do not hesitate to write first, it will be a good experience! :)

Here are some of the incoming letters from past 2 months. Because I am still learning, I don't want to take too many penpals. Another thing is I am pretty slow in replying (my bad) but that's because I want to put more effort to make the letter special.

I am still new to this, so I would love to learn and hear more from everyone. I can't wait to talk more about my new hobby. Let your creative juices flow, and send more mails! 


P.S. Please excuse my inconsistency in my photo tone.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cooking? Cooking! #1: 3 Ways to Serve Your Toast

Hello guys! Introducing you to a new feature called 'Cooking? Cooking!' The name is inspired by old Super Junior H song. Watch the funny video here! I did not get to touch the kitchen until I was in high school (i guess) because, the family is too afraid I will burn the house down no kidding. That's why I was really suck in cooking, well I still am, but I think I am improving haha. So, this feature will show you EASY RECIPES that anyone can cook. Trust me!

Oh and please note, the picture here are taken from my phone so, sorry the picture quality sucks. 

For the first installment if this feature, I am going to show you 3 ways to serve your toast. It can be sweet or savory, it can be hot or cold, it is really up to you! The variation has no limit.

For the main ingredients, you only need 2 things! Bread and butter. How simple is that? yay!

For the toast here is what you want to do:
-Spread butter on both side of the bread.
-Preheat your pan with small heat. Just wait for less than a minute for your pan to be hot enough.
-Spread enough butter on your pan and then put the bread.
-Cook each side until the color turns into brown and the skin becomes crisp.
-Your toast is ready to be served!

If you like it sweet and chill, all you have to do is just scoop a generous amount of your favorite ice-cream and sprinkle some colorful chocolate rice, and enjoy!

If  you are kind of hungry and not sure you like it sweet or savory, this is a good option for you. I have two toasts here. On one side of the first toast, I spread some sugar and on another I spread some chocolate rice (super delicious!). I also boiled an egg and fried two sausages with butter. You might want to add milk or orange juice in the corner. This is also perfect for brunch!

The last one is inspired by Euginie Kitchen's recipe. Her 3 and 5 ingredients recipes are simple and I would really love to try more of her recipes in the future. Instead of baguette and bacon, I use bread and sausages. I love this baguette/toast idea, super creative and easy! Too bad we don't have bacon here or else it will be perfect.

So, are you ready to serve your toast? Yay.


Sunday, October 20, 2013


I am obsessed with red. Yes, that's my favorite color. I am obsessed with EXO. Yes, they are my current favorite idol. So, what happens when I combine my obsessions?

I doodle! Haha, and I refuse to use any other color beside black and red. Don't ask me why. The answer is there in the first sentence.

I drew these on my A5 sketchbook with cheap black and red markers. I am saving money to buy copic (someday, hopefully). I scanned them in my A4 printer-scanner and that's why there are grey area around the doodles. Initially, I wanted to crop the grey area, but I think the grey area has its own charm so I leave it just like that.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fangirl Friday #3: GIRLS' ATTACK part 2!

Because the previous post was long enough and I don't want you to get bored, let us now talk about the female solo artists! They all stand by themselves but they all have their own charm and power to shine.

Please note that I am NOT a music or k-pop expert. Anything stated in this post is based solely from my subjective opinion.

 Seo In-Young (feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo) - 'Love Again'

Okay, moment of truth, at first, I don't know who she is, at all. I first watched her performance in Music Bank and she performed nearly the end of the show, proofing that she must be a popular or senior actress. Turns out to be both. I did a little research and apparently she is the former member of Jewelry, a female group. 

Because I first hears this song through live performance, I get more and more attached every week. I think this is a cheerful song and the dance with the handkerchief is cute. Now that I have watched the MV, it turns out that it has no dancing scene at all. The lighting is so beautiful and Seo InYoung herself is so pretty. All in all, a song that you won't regret to hear.

KAHI (feat. Dumbfounded)  - "It's ME'

Even though I am not a big fan of 'After School', but I know some of their songs and Kahi has always been my favorite member. I love how she shows the mature side of a woman not just by being sexy. I haven't watched the live performance though, but I saw a lot of boyish concept in the outfit and I think it suits Kahi really well.

The music, even though it is not really my jam, I think it sparks out Kahi's charm and talent aside of After School. I don't know what kind of genre is it called but I guess this is more like hip hop than pop. And no doubt that she is a great dancer, so, I am looking forward to watch more live performances.

Lim Kim (feat. Swings) - "Voice"

I fist heard her from the song 'All Right'. The first impression was, what? The song was odd and addicting at the same time. But she attracted me with her unique voice. Her voice has a character that is different with typical k-pop singers.

So I did a little research about her background. It turns out that she is one of the Superstar K3's finalist and her real name is Kim Yerim. She is actually in a duo called Two Months with Do Daeyeon. I believe they are supposed to debut together but due to some issues, she ended up debuting first.

Though she has just debuted, she has a unique charm and she is doing pretty well in music charts. Even though I like 'Rain' more than this song, still, this song is worth to hear. I am looking forward to Two Months debut. 


Friday, October 18, 2013

Fangirl Friday #2: GIRLS' ATTACK

We are back with my favorite feature of the blog! Yay! This October, the K-pop scene undoubtedly is graced by the girls' power, either it is group or solo artist, they have all worked hard in order to show the best performance to us, fans.

For this week's feature, I am going to discuss about the female artists that I am actually not very familiar with, meaning that I won't be able to match a name with a face because sadly I am not good at memorizing. I didn't always follow the latest MV teaser or MV released. Most of the time I listened first through music shows (most of the time Music Bank) or download it then watch the MV later if I feel like (or sometimes I don't watch the MV at all).

Please note that I am NOT a music or k-pop expert. Anything stated in this post is based solely from my subjective opinion.

T-Ara "Number 9"

So, T-Ara is back with the original debut team with 6 members. For some Queens, this must be like going back to good ol' days, isn't it? Back then, when they were promoting one of their hit songs, I happen to watch their performance in a music show, I have to be honest no offense that their performance back then was sucks. I mean the dance is fine but the singing is just a big no. With this comeback, I don't have that high expectation. It turns out that their live performance is much better than before. Just one little thing that I would like to suggest is their facial expression. I don't quite get what image are they trying to show? Sexy? Creepy? Party? I don't know.

Music wise, the song is quite catchy, and the dance, although the choreography is not that complicated, it suits the song very well. I especially like the part where they put their hands near their ears. The weirdest part though is when one of the member sings "I'm headache, I'm headache, I'm headache" uhm, okay?

AOA - "Confused"

This time AOA is back with a sexy concept. Actually I have never known what are their concepts before because I have never watched any of AOA music videos before. BUT, I really really love their music. It is very rare because usually when I like one artist's music, I will watch their MV and learn their names (well I do know their names but I don't remember which one is who). I have AOA songs, from their debut song, 'Elvis', and then 'Get Out' (my favorite!) and then 'MOYA' (my super favorite I can listen to this all day) from AOA Black.

Compared to their previous songs, I think this is a little bit different than usual. Maybe because I have been too attached with 'MOYA' while this one emphasize more to the dance side of the group. This song though in my opinion is just a typical female K-pop song where the members wear same clothes and dance with the sexy moves. Not that the song is bad, it is a good song but I am not really into it.

Some parts that I like is the beginning where one member sings in English. Oh, and I like the rappers' voice. And I like the set where the girls wear black outfits with the yellow lights coming from the square holes on the back. 


Though I am not very familiar with 9Muses, I think I should discuss about this group too. They are known as a group consists of models, but I guess they are underrated, because their voice and dance are also good. Because I am not really into this group, the last song I recall hearing from them is 'Ticket' and no matter how much I deny it, the song is actually addicting.

For this song though, even though the music video does me no justice, I think the song is fun and this might be another addicting 9Muses' song that will stuck in my mind. The outfits in the MV though is kinda mixed up with the vintage one, the sexy one, and the rest. Nonetheless, the refrain is very addictive, 그렇게 만지작 만지작~

Unexpectedly, I have written such a long post, I will then talk about the female solo artist in the next part.

See you!


Friday, October 11, 2013

Fangirl Friday: SHINee and IU

Hello fellas, I know it has been a long long time since I wrote here. But hey, I am back! I have been thinking about some new features for this blog and I believe this will be appropriate for my love towards K-pop.

Please note that I am NOT a music or k-pop expert. Anything stated in this post is based solely from my subjective opinion.

Anybody who has known me either in real life or stalk me in internet must have known just how much I love these guys, SHINee. They have just come back earlier this year and promote two albums which are 'Dream Girl' and 'Why So Serious?' in a row. After that, they release the second Japanese album with the single 'Breaking News' and promote a summer single, 'Boys Meet U'. Compiling 'The Misconception of You' and 'The Misconception of Me', SHINee released an album 'The Misconception of Us' which consists of songs from both album plus two new songs. SHINee too featured in the OST of Queen's Classroom with a cheerful song called 'Green Rain'.

I thought all Shawols have been spoiled enough.

I was wrong.

I didn't know what SM had in their mind but SHINee made another comeback this year with 'Everybody'. I have to say that I have a mixed feeling towards this. As much as I love SHINee, I think the boys had done so much and they should have taken rest or prolong the hiatus before the comeback.

Nonetheless, 'Everybody' is a very good song. One thing that I love from SM is how they explore SHINee with various genre and at the same time to show another mature side of SHINee. The song is not really my jam BUT the choreography is so damn awesome. No, you can not deny that SHINee is one of the boy group with best best best choreography and live performance. Period.

On the side note, prior to the release of  'Everybody' music video, SM released a lyric video of 'Symptoms' which happens to be a very beautiful beautiful song. 

I have no idea that this song will have a choreo, but it does! And it is one of the best follow-up song SHINee has ever had. Of course compared to 'Beautiful' and 'Sleepless Night', this song is much better.

If you haven't watched their comeback, then you should now.

Apart from SHINee, I really want to talk about IU too, but this post has been long enough so I will make it short. IU is one of my favorite female singer (beside Ailee!)

I really love her comeback and I always adore her voice and her songs. Even though her live performances are not always good, especially ones that requires her dancing.

I haven't listened to all the songs from the album, but I watched all 7 teasers that Loen gave prior to the release of the MV. I love the song 'Between The Lips' and I thought it will be the promoted song, then I realize it was too ballad. And oh yes, I am biased but the song 'Depression Clock' written by SHINee's Jonghyun and also featuring him is also a good song.

To have a sneak peek of her performance, watch the showcase here:

That's all for now fellow fangirls and fanboys. See you!