Friday, October 18, 2013

Fangirl Friday #2: GIRLS' ATTACK

We are back with my favorite feature of the blog! Yay! This October, the K-pop scene undoubtedly is graced by the girls' power, either it is group or solo artist, they have all worked hard in order to show the best performance to us, fans.

For this week's feature, I am going to discuss about the female artists that I am actually not very familiar with, meaning that I won't be able to match a name with a face because sadly I am not good at memorizing. I didn't always follow the latest MV teaser or MV released. Most of the time I listened first through music shows (most of the time Music Bank) or download it then watch the MV later if I feel like (or sometimes I don't watch the MV at all).

Please note that I am NOT a music or k-pop expert. Anything stated in this post is based solely from my subjective opinion.

T-Ara "Number 9"

So, T-Ara is back with the original debut team with 6 members. For some Queens, this must be like going back to good ol' days, isn't it? Back then, when they were promoting one of their hit songs, I happen to watch their performance in a music show, I have to be honest no offense that their performance back then was sucks. I mean the dance is fine but the singing is just a big no. With this comeback, I don't have that high expectation. It turns out that their live performance is much better than before. Just one little thing that I would like to suggest is their facial expression. I don't quite get what image are they trying to show? Sexy? Creepy? Party? I don't know.

Music wise, the song is quite catchy, and the dance, although the choreography is not that complicated, it suits the song very well. I especially like the part where they put their hands near their ears. The weirdest part though is when one of the member sings "I'm headache, I'm headache, I'm headache" uhm, okay?

AOA - "Confused"

This time AOA is back with a sexy concept. Actually I have never known what are their concepts before because I have never watched any of AOA music videos before. BUT, I really really love their music. It is very rare because usually when I like one artist's music, I will watch their MV and learn their names (well I do know their names but I don't remember which one is who). I have AOA songs, from their debut song, 'Elvis', and then 'Get Out' (my favorite!) and then 'MOYA' (my super favorite I can listen to this all day) from AOA Black.

Compared to their previous songs, I think this is a little bit different than usual. Maybe because I have been too attached with 'MOYA' while this one emphasize more to the dance side of the group. This song though in my opinion is just a typical female K-pop song where the members wear same clothes and dance with the sexy moves. Not that the song is bad, it is a good song but I am not really into it.

Some parts that I like is the beginning where one member sings in English. Oh, and I like the rappers' voice. And I like the set where the girls wear black outfits with the yellow lights coming from the square holes on the back. 


Though I am not very familiar with 9Muses, I think I should discuss about this group too. They are known as a group consists of models, but I guess they are underrated, because their voice and dance are also good. Because I am not really into this group, the last song I recall hearing from them is 'Ticket' and no matter how much I deny it, the song is actually addicting.

For this song though, even though the music video does me no justice, I think the song is fun and this might be another addicting 9Muses' song that will stuck in my mind. The outfits in the MV though is kinda mixed up with the vintage one, the sexy one, and the rest. Nonetheless, the refrain is very addictive, 그렇게 만지작 만지작~

Unexpectedly, I have written such a long post, I will then talk about the female solo artist in the next part.

See you!


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