Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fangirl Friday #3: GIRLS' ATTACK part 2!

Because the previous post was long enough and I don't want you to get bored, let us now talk about the female solo artists! They all stand by themselves but they all have their own charm and power to shine.

Please note that I am NOT a music or k-pop expert. Anything stated in this post is based solely from my subjective opinion.

 Seo In-Young (feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo) - 'Love Again'

Okay, moment of truth, at first, I don't know who she is, at all. I first watched her performance in Music Bank and she performed nearly the end of the show, proofing that she must be a popular or senior actress. Turns out to be both. I did a little research and apparently she is the former member of Jewelry, a female group. 

Because I first hears this song through live performance, I get more and more attached every week. I think this is a cheerful song and the dance with the handkerchief is cute. Now that I have watched the MV, it turns out that it has no dancing scene at all. The lighting is so beautiful and Seo InYoung herself is so pretty. All in all, a song that you won't regret to hear.

KAHI (feat. Dumbfounded)  - "It's ME'

Even though I am not a big fan of 'After School', but I know some of their songs and Kahi has always been my favorite member. I love how she shows the mature side of a woman not just by being sexy. I haven't watched the live performance though, but I saw a lot of boyish concept in the outfit and I think it suits Kahi really well.

The music, even though it is not really my jam, I think it sparks out Kahi's charm and talent aside of After School. I don't know what kind of genre is it called but I guess this is more like hip hop than pop. And no doubt that she is a great dancer, so, I am looking forward to watch more live performances.

Lim Kim (feat. Swings) - "Voice"

I fist heard her from the song 'All Right'. The first impression was, what? The song was odd and addicting at the same time. But she attracted me with her unique voice. Her voice has a character that is different with typical k-pop singers.

So I did a little research about her background. It turns out that she is one of the Superstar K3's finalist and her real name is Kim Yerim. She is actually in a duo called Two Months with Do Daeyeon. I believe they are supposed to debut together but due to some issues, she ended up debuting first.

Though she has just debuted, she has a unique charm and she is doing pretty well in music charts. Even though I like 'Rain' more than this song, still, this song is worth to hear. I am looking forward to Two Months debut. 


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