Sunday, November 27, 2016

on moving forward with your life

It's been an hour since I sat down inside this cozy coffee shop located in between the west and southern part of Jakarta. In the span of that 60 minutes, I have finished a glass of blended ice coffee and and read numerous articles and blogs on the internet world. Not very interesting, I must say.

Tonight, I am by myself. One part because I have no plans with anyone today, no one invited me to go anywhere and I did not send out any invitation either. One part I just want to be by myself today and write and be productive. One part I am still on my period and the menstrual hormone can be scary. 

Another hour has passed while I was backtracking my twits. I usually had a couple of tweets that I retweeted from my phone to be read on my desktop later. And I have just ordered french fries before I got back to this post again.

Now, instead of describing my literal current state, I am going to just describe about my ongoing current state.

For people who have known me long enough or if they stalked me diligently, they might have known about my situation. But for people who I just met during recent years ((and are not as nosy as me)), they might have no clue about my story.

on breaking promises and making assumption

I am so mad right now, like so SOOO MAD. I feel like if I did not write this down sooner, I might end up being super pissed off for a long time and become very negative. So let me try to write down my feelings and hopefully be more sane after that. 

I don't know if it is because I am a very very sensitive person or if it is my menstrual hormone or I think it is the combination of both that makes me become super duper hyper ultra sensitive.

Ah, I really don't know how to start this writing. 

So, okay, do you go out a lot? It can be just hanging out to the bookstore or the boutique or grabbing a dinner after work or just watching the movie on weekends. It is something that I do frequently and I enjoy doing. In process, I also liked to invite some of my friends to join me. And they usually said 'yes' to my invitation.