Saturday, August 02, 2014

Moving Out!

Hello guys! Is there anyone out there who possibly waits for my return to this blog? Haha, I don't think so. But if there really is, you do not have to worry anymore guys! I am moving out, but this time it is for good. Because all this time I neglected The Tidbit Story, I am actually planning, designing, and working on a new collaboration blog with my good friend. So, please give a warm welcome to Candy After Dinner.

Throughout the years I enjoyed using internet, I came to the realization how much I enjoy writing in general and blogging specifically. I may have not been a good blogger all this time. But I am learning. It has been a long process, you know, from multiply, livejournal, friendster, forum until several blogs on blogspot. But I think I have settled with Candy After Dinner. This time it is more serious and that's why the process took much longer. Also, I am doing it with my good friend, so *finger-crossed*, here's to learning and practicing for better days ahead.

Thank you so much! And see you there. Cheers!