Monday, March 21, 2016

things in life that keeps me going


It's something that I have been doing since I was very young. I walked everywhere, from my school to home, from bus station to mall, from university to dorm, from places to places. It is something that I enjoy doing even though it can be tiring sometimes when I brought lots of stuffs with me.


When walking around, it is a bit difficult to do another activity because you have to keep on moving. So I love to observe people around me, I love to think about this and that. From my childhood memories, stuffs that have to be done, my future plans, my to-do list for the day, food that I want to eat, people that I adore, etc.


I was still busy working on my thesis when I walked from the bus station to a mall I frequently visit. That's when I notice this beautiful sky. And it comes in Rose Quartz and Serenity, two colors that I have been working on. And it may sound silly but my heart instantly felt so light. It is like the universe saying to me that it is supporting me on what I am working and it is helping me to color my ((thesis)) life.


I said this to my friend a few days ago, "It's only a matter of perspective". And it really is. It is the matter of how we see life and how we appreciate every single thing that life offers to us. It is to not take something for granted. I get to wake up everyday. The thinking process happens everyday. I walk everyday. The sky is there everyday. And I am thankful for all that. -

I do not have any intention to write ((type)) a caption this long, but it just sort of happen so, yeah.

- - -

Text written on 2016.03.19
Photo taken on 2016.03.18

Sunday, March 13, 2016

things in life that i do not understand

I'm just so sad and so mad and so done with myself and everything. It saddens me how the pressure is winning on me.

It saddens me when I seek for help from someone else, they do not understand.

It saddens me that when I speak to people, they expect me to be the usual cheerful me.
So, I was like okay, I'm good at play pretend.

I mean like how do you expect me to be the usual cheerful me when I even doubt myself.
Like, do you think my life only has its ups?

Then I realize that if I can not understand myself either, how could I expect people to understand me?

Then I guess the problem is within me myself. I'm just upset that no one seems to understand.

That no one seems to care. No one seem to speak the right thing. No one seem to lend a hand.
Just people expecting me to be okay.

Just people expecting me to be okay.
When I am not.

A collection of tweets during my mental breakdown. March 13th, 2016

things in life that i want to believe

someone will appear in your life 
and he will manage to say the right thing, do the right thing,
and make you fall in love.