Hello fellas! Thank you very much for setting aside your time and spending your day to hang out with me in this virtual world. I used to write my About page this way

Named under the word 'Happiness', I live with that spirit.
Doodle, Craft, K-Pop, Snailmail, Daydream, Eat, Sleep and anything in between.

SMILE and the world will SMILE to you.

Sans the italic. But still, I think it is a little bit too brief and this blog has served even bigger purpose. They are still relevant though because I still liked those stuffs, but I guess it's better if I dive in deeper and tell you a little bit more about this blog and about myself.

My name is Filicia. It is a name that I cherished so much because it means 'happiness' and I live with that spirit everyday. I am a huge art and craft enthusiast, having been introduced to these stuffs from early age. When I was younger, my favorite TV show would be Art Attack and even when I was far younger, my favorite activity ((according to my mom)) was to cut papers using scissors. Not very safe for two year old girl, I know. Ha!

I grew up spending my weekdays borrowing books from school library and my weekends reading comics inside a bookstore. I went from writing for my school homework to a personal diary, from making short fiction to blog about my daily life and musing. 

Therefore, it is only natural that I fell in love with art and literacy. I came from a visual communication design background and work as a content creator. It is the world that has always driven me and will always get me excited.

Here in The Tidbit Story, I want to share my life journey without limiting myself. I will write what I want to write. I will keep it raw and unfiltered if I want to. Or I can share just a piece of what I chose to be published online. 

I want this small part of internet to become an enormous place for me to explore, have fun and fall in love with myself. I want this blog to become a place where I can speak my mind freely, write everything down with no boundaries, stay true to myself and just make me feel happy and at home. It will be such an honor for me, if this place too can bring some joy to you.

Most importantly, I like to come back and revisit many of my own writings. I do not want to sound cheesy or cocky, but I do love re-reading my own writing. Especially seeing how much I have grown from time to time.

I will write on various topics regarding my life. Most of them will involved around my daily activities, personal/work-related projects, Korean culture ((duh, of course!)), my muses, weird stuffs, review of movies/books/dramas, short stories, poems, etc, etc. Those are what you can expect. But, do come by and check this place every now and then. Who knows that I will come up with something that you would not expect.

Welp, this sure is a long introductory post, especially compared to the older one. Now, it's time to read the actual posts! Click the selected TAGS on the sidebar if you have already had a certain topic in mind. See you around!

- - -

For any inquiries, please email me at flyingfili@yahoo.com 

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