Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cooking? Cooking! #1: 3 Ways to Serve Your Toast

Hello guys! Introducing you to a new feature called 'Cooking? Cooking!' The name is inspired by old Super Junior H song. Watch the funny video here! I did not get to touch the kitchen until I was in high school (i guess) because, the family is too afraid I will burn the house down no kidding. That's why I was really suck in cooking, well I still am, but I think I am improving haha. So, this feature will show you EASY RECIPES that anyone can cook. Trust me!

Oh and please note, the picture here are taken from my phone so, sorry the picture quality sucks. 

For the first installment if this feature, I am going to show you 3 ways to serve your toast. It can be sweet or savory, it can be hot or cold, it is really up to you! The variation has no limit.

For the main ingredients, you only need 2 things! Bread and butter. How simple is that? yay!

For the toast here is what you want to do:
-Spread butter on both side of the bread.
-Preheat your pan with small heat. Just wait for less than a minute for your pan to be hot enough.
-Spread enough butter on your pan and then put the bread.
-Cook each side until the color turns into brown and the skin becomes crisp.
-Your toast is ready to be served!

If you like it sweet and chill, all you have to do is just scoop a generous amount of your favorite ice-cream and sprinkle some colorful chocolate rice, and enjoy!

If  you are kind of hungry and not sure you like it sweet or savory, this is a good option for you. I have two toasts here. On one side of the first toast, I spread some sugar and on another I spread some chocolate rice (super delicious!). I also boiled an egg and fried two sausages with butter. You might want to add milk or orange juice in the corner. This is also perfect for brunch!

The last one is inspired by Euginie Kitchen's recipe. Her 3 and 5 ingredients recipes are simple and I would really love to try more of her recipes in the future. Instead of baguette and bacon, I use bread and sausages. I love this baguette/toast idea, super creative and easy! Too bad we don't have bacon here or else it will be perfect.

So, are you ready to serve your toast? Yay.


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