Tuesday, October 04, 2016

On Writing

This month ((and hopefully for the rest of the year)), I made it my goal to write more in a creative sense. Now that I am working in the digital industry as a copywriter, everything works so quickly. Demands are high and the goals keep increasing. I am adapting with the pace and so far I have been keeping up with it.

But then, the thing about writing for work is that there are certain boundaries that I have to follow. There is theme that has been set and there are only so much that I can talk. Of course, I did have my own portion of creative process. But everything has to be planned and has to be written in a way to create more engagement.

Here in the space owned by me and me only, I want my writing to be raw, to be honest and to have my own boundaries. I do not care about engagement, I do not care if people are going to read what I wrote or not. I just care that I have a channel to express myself.

With that said, I am going to write about anything. About stuffs that is happening in my life, the K-pop new release that I enjoy listening, the K-drama I wish was real, about the dream I had last night, about the fantasy stories I had in mind, anything really.

Can I write everyday from today to the rest of the year? No, I'm not sure. I will try to write everyday but it might slow down during weekends or holidays. I wanted to make it a habit to write on a certain time everyday, but I am still not sure about it.

So, I guess that's it for now? The things is, I do enjoy writing so much and I want to write not only for people first but also for myself first. Also, talking about writing and stuffs, I have not been updating my blog and my instagram due to my busy-ness. Now there are Path and Snapchat, but I want to keep my memories and cherish it in the future. So with just 20 minutes every night, I hope I can make these writings as a keepsake :)

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  1. akupun filiii, memecut pantat *hem* buat bikin plg gak 5 tulisan di blog per bulannya, cuma karena kesibukan mulai deh 1 hari post 2 atau 3 tulisan. asal jangan sampe sekaligus 5 tulisan aja xixi

    semangat menulis terus ya non!