Friday, October 07, 2016


Do you dream in your sleep? I sometimes have a dream if I was woken up and fell back to sleep shortly after.

Last night / this morning, I had a dream of my mom and dad. We were chilling in what used to be their bedroom with the air-con and the TV on. That's when my mom got a call from my aunt -- which is not unusual since they use to talk on the phone almost everyday -- and she picked up. I heard them mentioning like my mom got into the next round of somewhat singing competition ((she had a very beautiful voice, I swear))

But then she said she was not planning to proceed with the competition anymore because it coincided with my mom and dad's trip to Australia. I think the plan was like in December.

Haha, so I just imagined that the two of them going to Australia, having a good quality time together. They are going to stroll around the Opera House, take pictures and probably send them to me via WhatsApp or LINE ((because we love hilarious stickers)). They will most certainly not forget to buy souvenir for me and my brothers ranging from chocolates and t-shirt with Aussie words on it. Also, they would not let a day slide calling and checking on us, like wondering why I have not gone home from the office or if we have eaten lunch yet and something trivial like that.

Oh, how I miss you both.
We'll see, I hope you guys are making good plans for your Australia trip in two months. It might be probably easier to travel from up there. Take your time planning and traveling the world.


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