Sunday, October 16, 2016

Love Yourself

I just got a haircut yesterday. Part of it because my bleached and dyed hair has been very very dry and unhealthy. Other part of it because my hair had been dirty and I was too lazy to wash so there I had two excuses to get a haircut. Lol.

This year I guess is a year of change for me in terms of my look. Talk about the hair dye, it was already a very bold decision with huge impact. People were shocked. And I felt weird when I first had it too. But I like it more each day while I hate taking care of it at the same time. Haha.

Dyed hair just required so much care and effort that I had no time to deal with, that's why it is becoming unhealthy. I only care to use hair oil everyday, because if not, I could not even comb it down huhu. I only had a creambath with hair vitamin once and that's it. I wasn't even having creambath for the sake of my hair but for my dizzy head and aching body.

I think the last time I had a haircut this short is when I was in junior high school. It was actually not that short, but since it was curled, it looks shorter and surprisingly, I loved it.

Besides hair, this year I am taking care of my face more. My younger self would not even have a clue the difference between one makeup and another. Like what the hell is concealer or primer? I just knew BB Cream and that's it. Okay, lipstick maybe, but I used to hate it, lol. I also had to rely on my other friends to help me do the makeup when I had special occasion. So, thank you to those of you who had helped me all along.

Learning makeup is a lot of trial and error. I still used a lot of drugstore makeup and still feel nggak rela to buy more high-end products like Korean makeup or American makeup. I also tried buying makeup online and the downside is, you do not really know how the shade will look like. I ended up buying BB Cream which shade didn't work on my face so I gave it to a friend.

Also, makeup is pretty expensive. For me at least. If you love makeup, maybe you would not feel that way. But I am just slowly learning and liking it so it's a lot of money to invest on. Especially because I am still figuring out which makeup would suit my face.

The thing is, I am a super curious person. I barely stick to one product and call it my holy grail. I just like buying new products and try it on. Even if sometimes it is not that suitable for me, I would not have a heart to just throw it away. I will have to finish it before I can buy another new one. So yeah, that's why it's a slow learning process.

But at least, now I know how to draw my brows ((thanks Etude eyebrow pencil, you safe my life!)). I naturally have a thin eyebrow and super okay with it, but it really showed when I took pictures haha. So my friends like to help me draw my brows every now and then. I still like it more subtle and not super thick, but at least it is there now haha.

I have learned that liquid eyeliner is such a pain. It's better to use the pencil type. But I still have not figured out why it got smudged so easily. I have tried 2-3 brands and have not found the perfect one yet.

I have learned to use primer before applying on makeup. Though I still don't see what's the difference. Also, I purchased blush on a couple of weeks ago and I have been loving it. But I have not bought any brushes yet, so I just use my fingers. ((I know, you can judge me, but brushes are expensive, huhu))

I still need to learn eye makeup, I have seen people's face changed thanks to eye shadow and liner, I have yet to experiment and see what works best on my face. I still have a long way to go for contour and highlight, mainly because I am also super lazy, ha!

Also, it's time to also care about the face skin care. Sometimes I just wash my face with facial foam and not removing it with makeup remover first. Some other times I fell asleep without even washing my face because I was exhausted. Oh my God, haha. 

Today I will be going to a mall and look for facial wash and skincare. I used to just buy random drugstore products and never really care about the result. I think it's time I actually take care about it. Dear face, sorry I have not been taking care of you all these years. It's now time for you to shineeee! Lol.

But given the fact that I am super like emak-emak who wants to save every single penny, I will need to compare the price before deciding to buy. Drugstore facial wash is relatively cheap and that's why, I will have to think several times before investing on my next skincare that might be 5x more expensive. But hopefully the price won't lie.

Aduh, kakiku kesemutan.

Also, I didn't know that I am going to rant this long just to talk about my hair and face lol. I think one of the reasons why I am getting more interested in makeup and skincare is because I watched lots of Youtube videos from beauty vlogger. Uh, damn you guys. It's positive in a way that I got to know their reviews and learn about many things. But it also made me want to buy lots of products haha.

Another reason is probably because I know have some friends to talk about this girly thing. I mean, some of my friends in university were just like me who were clueless about makeup. But now that we are all learning, we can share information with each other hehe.

Okay, I think I will stop for now before it gets any longer.

Have a nice weekend.


  1. filii kalau blush on versi anak kos bisa pake lipstik kok totol(?) sekali dua kali di apple cheek trus blend pake jari! For eyeliner try using the brush pen type kayak maybelline hypersharp liner (sekitar 90k) atau Wardah EyeXpert Optimum Hi-black liner (sekitar 50k)! Btw jangan lupa beli skincare product juga buat manjain kulit karena kulit lebih rentan rusak kalo pake make up huehue good luck!!

    1. Yoseee! Apakah aku telat bingits kalau baru balas komentarnya sekarang? hahaha. Aku sekarang sudah beli blush on, tapi belom beli brush. haha.

      Eh iya, I have been hearing good reviews about maybelline liner, mungkin nanti aku mau coba.

      About skin care, sebelnya belum ketemu yang cocok sama kulit wajahku nih. huhu :( Nanti semoga bisa cepet ketemu deh. Kamu juga good luck yose! Saranghae~