Saturday, December 31, 2016

on the last day of 2016

Well, today is the day.
The last day of two thousand and sixteen ((can't help it, I just feel like I have to type it out in words instead of numbers)).

Oh well, what can I say about this year? I can't exactly say that the time flies. Because nope, I actually think that this is a long year. 

For me, it is a year of transition.

I mean, look at myself. I was a university student. I was an intern. 
But today, I am graduated. I have my first real job. And I am now a full-time employee. 

Also, look at myself ((again)). My hair was black and long and I have no bangs.
Today it is faded blue with medium length, and it was curled for a brief moment, which I really lov btw.

Apart of that obvious changes. I still see myself as the same person. I am still the same fili who is ever so jayus, quirky, moody, upbeat, annoying, optimistic, somewhat lazy, somewhat serious, and always always curious.

This year I met with lots of new amazing colleagues turn into friends. I also celebrated 10 year friendship with my wonderful junior high school friends. But, I also lost contact with a couple of my old friends, which is so saddening. I tried to get a hold of them though. But I guess, as people grow and things get busier for each and everyone, it gets harder for you to actually meet with one another. We still keep up with each other through the internet tho.

What else? Ah! This year, instead of reading, I ended up watching too much movies and dramas more than I should/would. This year alone, I have watched: (1) Cheese in the Trap, (2) Descendants of the Sun, (3) Dear My Friends, (4), W-Two World's, (5) 1% of Anything, (6) Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, and (7) Age of Youth. OMG, that's 7 full-length dramas. Ha! But I enjoyed every minute I spent watching the dramas. Might not say so in terms of the aftermath though. Haha.

In terms of love and relationship, well, I was single. And I am still single. Ha! Probably can explain the excessive out of romance drama that I watched this year. Too much daydreaming probably, lol.

Well, since I am typing this on my phone and not on the laptop. Let's end it here. It has been a year of ups and downs. And we'll see, I will probably be writing about my hopes for 2017 next. But for now, this is it.

It is the last day of 2016!
Let's kick it in!


Oo, and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!


Update: Turns out that I can not upload pictures from the Blogger apps on my Android. It kept on failing me so in the end of the day I still have to open my laptop ((my brother's computer in this case)) and hit the publish button from desktop. 

What a fuss because I also have to copy paste what I typed on phone to desktop and send the pictures. What I have thought would be a time-saver ended up wasting a lot of my time. Huff.

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