Wednesday, May 04, 2016

thirteen that feels like seventeen

So, in between waiting for the feedback of my design work-in-progress, I decided to watch a couple of the special stage from the 500th episode of Show! Music Core. I started by watching BtoB's performance of "You're the Best" and Mamamoo performing "It's Okay". Yes, they are exchanging songs and that's kind of adorable. I then watched the rookie perform "Growl" and after that UP10TION with the Boy Group Medley.

It is only natural that I clicked into the Girl Group Medley. I am 100% sure that I read the word SEVENTEEN beside the title. But seeing the thumbnail, my mind kind of deceived me to think that the boy there is Ren from Nu'est! That's why when the song started, I was like, what the? who are these people, they are not Nu'est? And then I remembered again that they are SEVENTEEN hahahhaa.

So, I am actually not that super big fan of SEVENTEEN ((yet, because who knows if I change my mind after this)). I do listen to their song like "Mansae" and "Adore U" but that's it. Also, don't ask me which member is which because I certainly can not tell. But I do know Vernon because of his appearance in Show Me the Money.

Anyhow, there are like thirteen of them ((only one more person from original EXO members for comparison)) but the stage looks extremely chaotic - in a funny way. I mean like, their performance are pretty good but they look like super crowded. haha, maybe because they are not singing their own song. Also, oh god, I cringed when they sang "I Scream, You Scream" lol.

Ah, this post should have been posted last week, but I have another job that has to be finished so this post is buried in the draft. I guess that I might as well post this before I forgot.

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