Thursday, May 05, 2016

Meeting the Cha Cha Cha Siblings

Since it's the long weekend right now, I can laze around a bit, even though, well, actually there are so many things I have to do that is job related and there are also so many books i want to read and a drama i want to start ((Descendants of the Sun!!!)) But I have been in the mood of watching variety show lately.

Each week, my regular show will be Hello Counselor. I just love love love it so much. Most of the times, I will also watch The Return of Superman, This afternoon, after watching the latest Hello Counselor while eating my lunch, I saw the thumbnail of Cha Taehyun and his kids on the suggested video. I clicked it after I finished with Hello Counselor and has had a good laugh after that.

Even though I am not a regular viewer of 2 Days 1 Night, I watched it every now and then, especially because of the guests ^^ haha, and also the bond between the cast member and the PD-nim. I think they are just hilarious especially with the PD and staffs making appearance every now and then.

Anyway, this episode after they part with Kim Joohyuk who left the show, they invited special guests to the show which are none other than Taehyun's kids. I have seen them a couple of times in 2d1n as well and they are soooo adorable.

His oldest kid, the boy Suchan is very witty and smart and full of energy! He often made comments that cracked me up and he is very nice as well. I love how he keeps on getting food during the lunch for the uncles. Her second child, Taeeun is soooo adorable and girly, she laughs on almost everything and doesn't really throw a fit. Sujin showed up in the beginning of the show and she is such a cutie pie. Also, it's so lovely seeing how Suchan cared for his sisters when their dad is gone for awhile to return the chicks.

Speaking of chicks, Suchan is so determined to eat chicken that day hahaha. From raising the chick into chickens and getting a chicken into a fire lol. I am just in the first part now, and I think I will marathon many 2d1n past episodes as well. I am thinking of watching The Return of Superman when Taehyun's daughters had a playdate with Uhm Taewoong's daughter, Jion.

Also, as the only member of 2d1n who has had a family, I gotta say I adore Taehyun so much. I think he is such a family-man. And even though he seemed to take care about his daughters more because they are younger, I think he is a nice father. I saw in the internet that he married his high school sweetheart who is now a mother of his three children and I think that is kind of sweet :'>

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