Thursday, February 04, 2016


I have been in the mood of writing lately and all I can think of these days are writing, writing and writing. I wrote stuffs inside my head and thought of numbers of interesting opening sentence ((because honestly it can be very hard sometime)). I went back to twitter and twit a lot, especially now that I am watching more and more Korean drama and movies in general. I also wrote numerous cards for greetings and well wishes and whatnot so I feel like it is a great momentum to go back to blogging and actually write something out of my mind, or in this case, type. 

I know I should be doing my thesis and not rambling stuffs on the social media but I have always always stated this so many times and I think it is the right time for me to actually take an action. I am turning this blog into a K-POP / K-DRAMA BLOG!!! Not that any of you will surprise I guess. Lol. I also want to compile stuffs I typed while I am watching drama ((these days, Cheese In the Trap)).

So, I will still blog in my main blog here. But things there are more, how to say it, more categorized and niched toward creative living and personal stories. But here, it is me and my fangirl life! LOL.

I am gonna be talking anything related to entertainment be it music, movie or drama. But mostly, I believe it will revolve around Korean Entertainment, lol.

That's it for now. Let's see how this blog will turn out in the future. I might be a bit lazy to search for picture or take screen capture from any scene so the post will turn out having so many texts. But then again, this blog has now turned as my media to ramble and type for fun, so, we'll see.

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