Saturday, April 20, 2013


One of my resolution for 2013 is to have 100 blog posts (at least) for this year. 3 months and 19 days have passed and my posts count stay on 3. Back then I was trying to calculate that if I want to make 100 blog posts, I need to post at least twice in a week, that way, in a total of 52  weeks, I can reach my goal.

But then, things seem to be not that easy. Especially with my laziness and my bad time management. Not to mention the fear that I have to restart blogging again. Some people might not know that I have a huge interest in blogwalking. I used to love fashion blogs so much but then I realized that's not what I actually like and will apply. I still read them but my attention has been pretty much stolen by diy and craft blogs.

Here in my country, people often associate diy and craft with mother's or (old) woman's hobbies. But I love them so much. I love the fact how a diy or craft project, no matter how simple it is will become a great inspiration as well as a very personalized statement stuff. And we can simply create (almost) everything according to our preference. Cool!

I read many many blogs and magazines. I (sometimes) watch TV shows and video tutorials. And I know that I want diy and craft to be parts of my blog. Despite of that, I love doodling so much that as a result, I take visual communication design as my major. I was quite shocked how the lecturers did not even know what doodling is. My classmates either. Well, what I tried to say is that all in all, you might see my doodling or my artworks here and there on this blog.

This blog will pretty much become the place where I share my thoughts, creativity, inspiration, artworks, projects and probably daily life. Reading blogs for many years, I learn many many tips on blogging (which unfortunately I have not been able to apply). One major thing that also consume part of my thoughts is Korean culture, specifically K-pop.

I listen to K-pop music, sometimes I watch Korean dramas, but most of the times I did not manage to watch the whole drama from the beginning until the end (unless if it's Yoon Si Yoon and I don't know why either). I update on the Korean artists' news and sometimes I throw my opinions a.k.a babbling insanely (usually on my twitter), meaning to say that I will obviously share my thoughts on Korean culture too here.

I am not much of a good writer. There are many good words in my brain but as soon as I typed it, it becomes so weird and it doesn't sound that beautiful. I want to take beautiful photos but I am very very very amateur in taking pictures, I am still learning though. The conclusion is, I want this blog to live long in order to connect me with many people. I am still trying to figure out how to organize and manage this blog, meaning that there will be a lot of changes here and there.

All in all, I appreciate everyone who comes to visit this blog. Deep in my heart, I want each of you to smile when you read and to have your spirits go up and up. Have a nice day :)


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