Sunday, February 03, 2013

Lately, Life

Well, hello again there. I know I have been a very bad blogger all this time. I didn't post any single word or picture since my very first post right? I apologize. sniff sniff.

I have been staying at dormitory since I came back after my holiday. No, it's not that I love staying here so much, in fact I miss my home so much, I got sick two times in two weekends *sigh* My temperature got crazily high in the morning, the heat seems to all go up to my head and my neck while the rest of my hand and feet are so cold. But I'm all recovered now. Huray.

There have been so many assignments too lately. Oh well. Short semester and those projects and those meetings to attend and those upcoming exams. Yes people. Yes, I am going to face another mid-term exam. 

Ahhh, and my tooth hurts. Hik. I'm afraid that my wisdom tooth is going to grow, no? 

nuf blabbering. Got to do something else. Ciao!

Oh wait, you want to know about my project right? *wink wink* Go go follow my instagram

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